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Skill up in warranty cloud

Visual Media Support

  • Platform Introduction

    A solution that connects three roles Warranty Provider, Customer and Service Center create an end-to-end warranty lifecycle

  • Warranty Management

    Warranty providers set up warranty settings to support pre-authorized claims

  • Repair Services

    Warranty providers set up repair stations flow to customized repair process for customers. Service centers will repair product according to pre-set station flow

Warranty Cloud Function

R1. Platform Introduction

  • Platform Introduction

    Introduction of warranty cloud platform

R2. Module Function

  • Warranty Management

    Equip with warranty knowledge, raise efficiency and help economy growth

  • Repair Services

    Equip with repair services knowledge, improve service level, exceed customer expectation


  • Warranty Mgmt. · Warranty Provider

    Pre-set warranty settings, product information, and warranty contract to provide warranty service for customers

  • Warranty Management · Customer

    Based on warranty settings, when customer claim a warranty, system will automatically diagnose warranty content and track the warranty process.

  • Repair Services · Warranty Provider

    Set up station flow and failure code to make repair process much more efficient

  • Repair Services · Service Center

    Based on warranty settings, service centers follow station flow, and can also view real-time stations charts.

L1. Training Course

  • Asset Warranty · FSM Solution

    Introduction of wareconn warranty cloud solution for asset warranty management and claim