Warranty Provider:those who provide warranty management or repair services.
Charges are based on the number of users; if you need customized services, you will be quoted separately.
Charging items depend on actual service situation and will inform users if any changes.


Standard For Provider

$ 12


Professional For Provider

$ 24


(Billed annually)

Data Analysis Counts For Provider

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$ 792

100 Times/Year

First-time purchase comes with 5 times of data analysis

The price marked here is excluding tax

Function Description

All Functions
Some Functions
Additional Functions
Warranty Management.
 Customer -Connect with customers and manage setup

Auto Approved

 Basic Setting -The basic display and condition setting of the delivery repair
Diagnosis Name
Warranty Diagnosis
Warranty Type
Return Address
Warranty Contract
Warranty Mode
Shipping Template
Review The Notes
 Warranty Settings -System product/part warranty information settings
Product Definition
Parts Definition
Product Warranty
Parts Warranty
Warranty Card
Customer Statement
Contract Management
 Warranty Operation -Easy warranty approval and progress tracking
Warranty Claims
Ware no. Assign
Ware no. Submit
Ware no. Track
 Spare Parts -Spare parts management and ordering
Spare Parts
Purchase Order
 Warehousing -Shipment information tracking
Unit Receiving
 Statistics -Chart summary display
Warranty Costs
Warranty Report
Warranty Report
Statistical Settings
 Demand Forecast -Scientifically forecast future warranty
Warranty Forecast
Spare Parts Forecast
Repair Services
 Authorization -Find a cooperative service center, qualification review
 Service Settings -Clear settings on maintenance conditions
Service Terms
Failure cause
Inspection suggestion
 Engineering Support -Comprehensive maintenance support
Spare Parts Management
Engineering Change Notice
Printing Station
Item Management
Packaging information
 Servicing Process -Take control on the repair process
Process Settings
Station Settings
 Status Management -Working progress is tracked in real-time
Ware no. Track
 Statistical Analysis -Chart summary display
Operation Analysis
Performance Summary
Statistical Settings
 Warranty Forecast -Scientifically forecast future warranty
Warranty Forecast
Spare Parts Forecast
Data Analysis.
 Warranty Statistics -Historical warranty statistics
Failures Quantity
Lot Failure
Defect Analysis
 Quality Analysis -Accurate quality analysis
Reliability Analysis
Batch Yield Rate
 Part Analysis -Part usage statistics
Number Of Failures
Defect Analysis
Reliability Analysis
 Repair Forecast -Scientifically forecast future warranty and spare parts
Nonparametric Analysis
Model Preselection
Parametric Analysis
Reliability Forecast
 Additional Support -Provides support beyond existing functions
API standard interface
API development support
Custom function development

Custom development business mode

Flexible Services

Flexible Services

Flexibly add demand for exclusive services

Requirement Cognition

Industrial solutions
hit the ground

Service Quotation

Flexible quote offers
time and effort

Customized Development

Develop a customized package
solve it with precision

User Authentication

Comprehensive training
every process is clear


Collaborative data import
improve efficiency

Flexible Services

Please contact us if you need following services

API Support :Provide customrized API support to make user manage warranty more convenient
Data Implementation :Help to implement data for users to reduce time costs
Publication :Subscribe to wareconn to keep up with the after-sales trends, strategies, and innovations
Solution :Provide solutions and advanced analytics strategy to become an insight-driven business and raise customer satisfaction

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Please contact us if you need following services